A Little History

D. L. Pitchford was the youngest of four daughters born in Northern California to her parents Bobby and Pam, but the family moved to Southwest Missouri when D. L. was only four.

A love of creativity and a hunger for learning were an essential part of D. L.'s childhood. Her mother encouraged art and literature in every form, and by the age of ten, D. L. was already writing her own stories. This love only grew as D. L. attended college at Drury University, where she got her BA in English, Writing, and Fine Arts in 2013.

In 2014, D. L. married her husband, and they now have two little boys.

D. L.'s stories give an accurate portrayal of young adulthood and illustrate the beauties and hardships of older teens and young twenty-somethings. They are gritty coming-of-age novels that don't pull punches.

My Books